Bothwell Excavation is a Small Business dedicated To Redevelopment contractors & Mobile home Parks as  well commercial rental property owners. We can handle large & small jobs from Demolition - Land clearing strip  outs . reconstruction of retaining walls concrete foundations-underground utilities.. All thou we are a small  contractor we are very capable of getting the job done & done right. This past few years have been  challenging. With COVID and nobody wanting to work! We have pulled thou & are getting a running start for  the years to come. 


  We are members with a veruty of Lead genratingn comanys . To fill some gapes with are steady clintel. 

We Take pride in all job's . Big or small we have some unhappy cliants however most are cliants keep ncalling us back for new projects. ( You just cant make everybody happy ) We will keep trying ! 

  We Are the only Excavation or Tree companie That offers the services we do! We emplyee a versital group. to cover the needs of the cliantel we desire . We offer Many services under one roof. 

  Example: To are contracted Cliants we offer 24/7 Emegancy service that we now offer to the genarel publice

      This is why we established are 900 crew. A group of guys that work for us and a few that work for other companies that are one call for such desasters. Flooding basements - fallin trees . collapesd roofs. EXT.